Happy Thanksgiving !!! This is Camille & Jersey Ed from Embry Riddle with a full day charter we caught a variety of fish from Mangrove snapper, sheephead, redfish and a couple keeper trout. Another Great day in Mosquito Lagoon.
Capt. Bart & trusty 1st mate Lola at the last Atlas V rocket launch of the Maven (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN)
Out with one of my Air Force 301st Rescue pilots Alex Fritz & his wife Chris, with first mate Lola.
Out with the Project Healing Waters disabled veterans. Joe has the black hat and Walter is the PHW sponsor. Great day in the lagoon, we saw eagles,dolphins,manatees and we caught redfish and trout.
Mark with his 1st ever Gator trout and Chuck hooking up with his 3rd red fish with RTC.
Cole & Isaac and their day out hooking up with this nice red fish!